Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kid Tips

If a new showerer is using too much shampoo and conditioner premeasure them into old medicine cups with the right amounts so there is no more waste

When kids get home from school each kid gets at least 15 minutes of "mom" time to talk about the day or relay messages from teachers. This way they can talk openly with undivided attention and don't have to worry about a sibling overhearing.

Store dance clothes, soccer gear, etc. in separate reusable shopping bags. Have a different pattern and color for each child and activity. Pack the bags ahead of time so everything is ready to go when it is time to go.

Tip from a mom of three "I assigned each night of the week a different cuisine, such as italian food on mondays, soup or salad on Tuesdays, etc. Then I found a hand-ful of recipes that fit each theme and typed up ingredient lists. Each week, I rotate the recipes to create a menu. When it's time to shop for food, I print out the appropriate list and go. I also keep the current menu on the fridge; that way I know what I need to thaw or prepare ahead of time.

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