Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Virtual Pen Pal

Be a Video Mentor

Send Children's Art to Kids in Hospitals

Homemade Cards and Pictures - It would be wonderful if you could make homemade cards and pictures to put in the bags to the children. This could help cheer up a lonely or sad child. Find out Our Contact Info in order to send them to us. Tell your teachers and groups to get more kids involved in this project. Print a Flyer to Get children, schools, clubs, etc to get involved.

Watch the Wild

As a Watch the Wild™ volunteer, you observe and report the "wild" in your community, from trees and plants to lakes and streams to weather and wildlife activity. In as little as ten minutes, your observations help us to understand how our eco-systems are changing and helps us to adapt for the future.

Birthday Party Books

Great books for birthday party ideas:

Birthday Parties for Children: How to Give them, How to Survive Them - Marzollo and Trivas
Birthday Parties by Vicki Lansky